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We help you to get the best out of each design!

quickly see your design in all angles and on your target body
designers, pattern makers and manufacturers have a clear picture of the final product
reduce product development time by adjusting instantly to your needs, long before samples or fabrics are available

Customers of Pattern Solutions

Freelance 3D Patternmaker

My name is Kitty Verdel. I am a freelance patternmaker and I am specialized in fit, patterns and 3D Virtual Prototyping.

3D Virtual Prototyping allows you to get the best out of each design and pattern. On this website you will find an introduction to 3D also.

My mission is to make a beautiful product together which not only will sell well but also has a good fit.

As I have extensive experience in CAD/CAM patterns in both women, men and child’s fashion as well as in swimwear, you can be assured your mission is in good hands.

A number of services which Pattern Solutions can offer you, are listed on this site. If you do not find what you are looking for, I kindly invite you to contact me.
Also, please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions on pricing, additional services or in case you need further general information.

Known from


We had never worked with anyone on a freelance basis. I had some scepticism about whether they could work in the same way; the same view of fitting and could also convey this clearly to the supplier. We were busy with work from different seasons that all came together at the same time. I could transfer styles to you to do the fitting and give comments for production. The first fit session we did together to get to know you. But also to explain you the styles and for you to become familiar with the system and brand. Your guidance is professional and detailed. You were not only busy with the fit and pattern, but also with the product in terms of look and interior. You gave good additional information to the buyer to optimize the product. You made or changed patterns and had the possibility to check this with the 3D function of Optitex. As a result, we also had a good idea of the fitting. We could then also make changes, if necessary. What we have experienced as very pleasant is that the second time you could start immediately without any explanation being required. You could start right away and everything was quickly clear. The system was known and the way of working. I would recommend your work because your knowledge is very diverse. At YAYA you have mainly done jackets / blazers and blouses. It did not matter at what stage the product was, you could very well see the state and continue to handle the fitting. This means that you have good insight into the product. That is certainly a plus for when you are deployed in a company where there is a great workload at that moment. I am grateful for your commitment, insight and confidence. I had to get used to the idea that someone from outside came into YAYA and had access to company information, but I experienced you as very reliable.

Peter van Loon
Size specialist / YAYA

If you work with Pattern Solutions, you hire quality. Within a short period of time, she manages to get to know the company, analyzes the issues and turns them into action. The biggest urgency was the control of the currently used sizespecs. We received complaints that, for example, sizes 170 and 176 were far too big. But also, for example, a size 140 in a top did not always correspond to a size 140 bottom. So Kitty came at the right moment with your expertise! Within the shortest time she had made a clear analysis, she saw where the gaps were and start working on them. Meanwhile, all sizes from sizes 50 to 176 have been checked and corrected for all product groups. And all of that within a few months! Because of her independent working method and her high level of pro activity, Kitty has been able to improve an essential part of our business in a short period of time. In addition, she is very professional and very pleasant in cooperation.

Willemijn Roest
Director Buying, Merchandising & Design / Tumble N Dry

I can recommend any designer to work with Pattern Solutions. The guidance I experienced was very relaxed and at the same time professional. Kitty is a very nice person to work with. To me, as a beginner in this craft, I found it very nice that she understands me. Despite being busy, she makes time for me. The very best I found the personal touch I've felt and experienced. In addition, the quick actions / reactions ... no long waiting times. The savings are great; After one sample, my tops were ready for production!

Chandra Maan
Owner / Moonskin

At forehand I was sceptical about Pattern Solutions. A lady who very recently started her own business, which is leaving one of the larger brands based in the Netherlands. It called a number of questions. Whether she is very good in her job but not great with people or she is restricted in her knowledge and a pleasant chatter, but neither proved to be true! We are three months later and I've already completed three projects, with a lot of success and fun. Great class! The accompaniment of Pattern Solutions is the biggest plus in the story. Kitty is preparing to make an additional effort. You will receive not only a bunch of files, but a colleague who thinks with you in the process and has brought our product to the next level in terms of fit and finish. For me the biggest savings is that I do not have to send endlessly mails, samples and photos of what is wrong. That saves a lot of frustration. Also sending packages to China is quite expensive. There can also be spoken of retain the relationship with the factory. On average I spend about 30 hours in correspondence with the factory for finishing a fit series, those hours spared a factory in multiples. Because there are multiple layers involved in their organization this is for them a great gain. If I have to express the saving in money, I would rather appoint what occurs. Production problems or faulty production due to incorrect drawings or fit can really run the numbers, this avoids. For sure this assurance is for me worth the costs.

Steven van Heyningen
Co Founder/ managing partner / A-dam Underwear

Finally the fit is as I want! After working with pattern makers from supplier I came in contact with Pattern Solutions. Kitty has listened to my needs and translated those directly into a pattern. She clearly has the appropriate expertise! This saves a lot of communication with the factory. Send the pattern and ready. No hassle with passing adjustments via email or phone which can be very frustrating if it is not interpreted properly. It saves material since fewer samples are taken. The costs are lower compared to other studios. The structure of costs is particularly clear and so you know exactly how much it will costs. The guidance was very nice. The speed of the service and the quality of the pattern is great! The communication is very pleasant. Everything is possible; email, phone, whatsapp. For next product I'll definitely be back.

Björn Kluit

Dresspecially works mostly with prints. For us working with 3D that we can see in advance how the print looks like and adjust it till we are satisfied. The image you get from a 3D model is illuminating. You see what a particular size does on an avatar. You can see how much space is left and therefore you can remain very consistent in size with different styles. Beforehand we had doubts in financial sense to put everything allready in 3D but afterwards we find it a relief and it saved us money to see the products in 3D. Kitty is a transparent and sincere person. She helps you and gives advice, all in all I think the collaboration was very pleasant.

Lisette Blijleven

Cooperation with Pattern Solutions was very nice! As a starting clothing brand with little experience in fashion it was nice to be able to see directly the result of the design on a model. First we had some hold back on 3D since you still need to invest but now we are talking with manufacturers it is clear that the parties have to do less effort. We can provide all the patterns and images, and it delivers immediate results!

Koen en Pieter Snelders
owners / Barcelonete

Collaborate with Kitty was really nice. I think the combination of efficient, business communication and friendliness are very successful. I immediately saw the possibilities of working with 3D. My prints for fabric show of course good as 2D image but most people can not imagine how a print looks like a garment. 3D visualization provides a clear communication and delivers a "WOW" factor. After it has subsided remains a clear communication of the garment on. I can recommend anyone to work with 3D. Clothing remains a 3D story and this service provides a clear interpretation of it. Also cooperating with Kitty is well balanced and controlled. Truly an all-round talent!

Felix van Driem
freelance fashion designer and couture

Kitty is driven by creating the product: "As a patternmaker I am working with creating the clothes themselves", she said during our introduction. A very fun and enlightening conversation!

Ludwine Dekker

After my freelance patternmaker retired, it was hard to find a new patternmaker. I found a very good replacement in Kitty! It is nice to work with here. She knows how to convert your wishes into digital patterns very well. In the future I hope to rely on here more often!

Rosa van Ederen
founder / Van Jos